[Sheet music introduction] Bass music to be read carefully "Electric Bass Complete Series XNUMXst!" "BELIEVIN'" is now on sale at the Piascore sheet music store!

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The "Electric Bass Complete Series" of the Electric Bass Lesson is a recommended bass score for those who study bass lines deeply.

[Sheet Music] BELIEVIN'/ Naniwa Express (Electric Bass / Advanced) --Piascore Sheet Music Store
"BELIEVIN'" bass score (no tablature) transcribed from the album "NO FUSE". ◆Price◆ *Prices are subject to change without notice. note that. ◆Characteristics of the score◆ ・1 measures per step ・Large rehearsal marks ・Large chords...

There is no tablature, but it is easy to see with a XNUMX-step XNUMX-bar structure, large rehearsal marks, and chord symbols, and it is devised so that it is easy to understand the role of the bassline in the overall composition of the song.

By listening to the music while watching this bass line, you can enjoy the wonderfulness of the bassline more deeply.Why is that line in it?What kind of thought does the performer play?You may realize the true meaning of the bassline by listening to the music while imagining various things.

The ease of reading the score is also useful for playing at first sight or while watching while practicing a band.

The “Electric Bass Complete Series” was created with this in mind.


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