[Circle of Fifths on Electric Bass] Electric Bass's Circle of Fifths "wasn't a circle." lead to increased strength

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Let's break the preconceived notions learned in music theory and memorize the position of the fingerboard in the circle of fifths. "Practice makes perfect"

In music theory, as indicated by the name circle of fifths, it is explained using a diagram in which 12 scales are arranged in perfect fifths on a circle.This is just an illustration of the concept, so it is necessary to make it more concrete and master it in order to use it in the actual playing method of the instrument.

Cycle is more important than circle

When the circle of fifths is actually shown on the fingerboard of an electric bass, it is not a circle (CIRCLE), but a trajectory that loops and cycles (CYCLE) while moving in a zigzag as shown in the figure below.The circle of fifths frequently appears as a counterclockwise rotation (a perfect fifth falling or a perfect fourth rising) in musical progressions.From tension to relaxation, the progression of dominant motions and two-fives that give a sense of security are well known.

There are 5 counterclockwise patterns of XNUMXth rotation in electric bass fingering as follows.

  1. Move adjacent bass string down two frets(C->F, Db->Gb, B->E)
  2. Moving adjacent upper strings to the same fret(F->Bb->Eb,Ab->Db,Gb->B,E->A->D)
  3. Lower second string up 2rd fret(Eb->Ab, D->G)
  4. Moving up the 5th fret on the same string
  5. Same string down 7th fret

Patterns 1 and 2 are the most basic patterns, but due to positional restrictions, patterns of 3 are used to loop. Patterns 4 and 5 are not frequent.

Follow the cycle of the circle of fifths and memorize by linking the key of the staff notation and the position of the fretboard.

The circle of fifths and the staff notation are closely related.When one flat is added to the key signature of the staff notation, it moves to the left (counterclockwise) of the circle of fifths.In addition, it moves to the right (clockwise) when the sharp increases by one.

Staff notation is a well-thought-out and very good method for visualizing music.For those who are not good at sheet music but want to be able to read it, I recommend memorizing the circle of fifths, the key signature, and the position of the tonic on the fretboard as a set.

(Bonus) Practice First "Understand the theory after practicing"

Music theory books contain a huge amount of descriptions, and it takes a lot of time just to read them from corner to corner.A lot of effort is required to extract the important parts for electric bass performance.Also, even if you only learn words, you can't use them unless you have the ability to actually perform them.

In the performance of the electric bass, even in the music theoryCode scale theory is especially importantwill beIn order to use chord scale theory in your performance, you first need to be able to play scales.In all areas on the electric bass fingerboard12 major scales in all 192 keysIf you can play smoothly, you will be able to understand music theory deeply.

Practice scales with correct fingerings! Click here for the EBL fingering method special training drill


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