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My Own Story


Six years have passed since I started playing electric bass ...

“If you don't remember all the complicated chords and scales, you can't play a professional bass”
“Great music should come from music theory”
“To be a professional, you have to know all the music and music theory”
Such a spell started spinning around in my head ...

In the first place,
People with small hands are not suitable for bass ...
Jaco, Stanley Clarke ... Everyone has big hands and long fingers ...

Muri, conflict, giving up, despair ... 

Wander the maze ... stray ...


Forty-five years after I started playing electric bass ...

After graduating from the company, my time has increased.The practice time for electric bass has increased.I saw my weaknesses.The position and fingering of the left hand are strange.I want to correct how I play.I tried to find out how to play it correctly on the Web and in books.None of them fits me well with my small hands.

"Yes, I have to make my own chart of positions and fingering that suits me!"

First, let's make it with Doremi Fasolo Rashid.Jazz songs have many Bb keys, so I made them with Bb.There was a response.Let's make other keys and special scales.I read back the theory book of the code scale that I bought a long time ago.I understood quite a bit.

Fresh start

Until now, I was trying to read a book even though I couldn't remember the letters.The left hand position and fingering are "Japanese syllabary", and the scale is "grammar"!

Let's start by organizing the patterns of position and fingering.If you can recombine the movement of your left hand and the sound of the scale, you should be able to play as you wish!

  • Organize fingering and embed regular left hand usage in your body ~ Physical strengthening ~
  • Combining the sound of the scale with the sense of movement of the left hand ~ Combining with emotion ~

"Restart to play the sound you want!"

(November 2021 Eternal amateur bass enthusiast)

For those who are starting electric bass from now on

The teacher is always by your side
・ An era where you can easily select and listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere
・ The Internet is full of information
・ You can learn as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, as long as you have the motivation.
・ You can choose what you like when you want and wear it at your own pace.

Only you can evaluate your performance correctly
・ I know what I do best
・ Let's objectively judge the good points and bad points of your performance.
・ If you find a weakness, think of a correction method that suits you.

The secret to improving is to continue until you can
・ Once upon a time, it was said that it would rain whenever a tribe begged for rain ...
・ If you keep doing it until you get a satisfactory result, your dream will surely come true.


Continuity is power.

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