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The primary purpose of the basic exercise in the book Concepts For Bass Soloing is

To acquire the feeling of being able to play smoothly and freely in all ranges of your instrument.
(Source: Concepts For Bass Soloing by Chuck Sher and Marc Johnson ATN, inc. ISBN978-4-7549-3485-9 p.10)

It is written as.This is a universal word that applies to any instrument.To play an electric bass the way you want it, you need the skills to instantly decide which position, which finger, and how to play it, and then execute it.Here, I will explain the learning mechanism of playing techniques.

Performance and brain

When listening to music, mainlyRight brain that controls the imageIs activated around.When playing an instrument, not only the right brainLeft brain that controls calculation, analysis, and judgment, Right and left brainCorpus callosum that transmits informationIncludingActivates the entire brainTo do.It is said that the whole body is activated as if fireworks were set off in the brain, just like during whole body exercise.

When playing an instrument, the performer looks at the score, listens to the sounds around him, decides where to hold it, decides how strong he should play it, decides the timing, and actually plays it.Instantly judge and executeTo do.This series of processesFull rotation of the brainWhile lettingWith both handsIt runs repeatedly at high speed.

To play the electric bass as you like,Make it possible to play by judging the place, strength and timing to press in an instant according to your own imageis needed.for that purpose,Organize your left hand position and fingering rules in advance.It is important to keep it.

Right hand and left hand

The right hand is the one who plays the strings..It plays a rhythm like drums and percussion.Use your fingers or picks to add accurate accents and syncopations at the fastest tempo possible to get the rhythm out.The movement of plucking the strings is intuitive, so it is not difficult, but delicate movements are required because slight differences in the location and strength of the fingers and picks greatly affect the tone.

The left hand has the role of determining the pitch.Move to the position of the sound you want to make instantly, and move your hand to press the strings while constantly deciding which finger to press.It is necessary to remember the relationship between the sound and the position and fingers in advance.It is very useful to practice the left hand position and fingering using the scale to combine the pitch and the movement of the left hand.

When playing a stringed instrument such as an electric bass, it is very important that the right and left hands work together.It's easy to forget because most people can work together unconsciously, but you need to be careful when playing an instrument.For example, most people think that when they can't play a fast phrase, their left finger is delayed.Actually, this is not the case, and the rhythm of the right hand may be delayed.Aware of cooperation between right and left hands when practicing musical instrumentsneed to do it.

If you can't play the correct rhythm with your right hand, no matter how well and quickly your left hand moves, you won't get the sound you want.Practice the rhythm of your right hand and then practice the actual scales and phrases with your left hand.Please be so.

Mastery mechanism

Listen to the sound you played yourselfJudge for yourself whether it was done according to the imageTo do.If you can do it according to the image, you will pass.at that timeI will memorize the feeling of moving both hands and the feeling of the sound that I hear...If you can't, find a fix yourself and try it.In order to find a fix, we need to sort out what was good and what was bad.Through trial and error, you will get closer to the sound you imagined.

How to proceed with scale practice

FirstChromatic scale practiceLearn the basic form of the left hand, position movement, and fingering basics. Try to play smoothly at a tempo of 250bpm.Start with a slow tempo, and when the form has solidified to a certain extent, increase the tempo at once and practice. 250bpm is quite difficult, so you can set your own target tempo.Here isStarting pointIt will be.

nextIonian scale, the first mode of C majorTo practice.There are three types of position and fingering patterns, so you can play them all smoothly at a tempo of 250bpm.You can set the target tempo according to the level you are aiming for.This isFirst milestoneis.If possible so farThe rest is an application patternIt will be.

UltimateThe goal is to play the main XNUMX scales of all keys smoothly.That is.If you can do this, you should be able to play any song with all your heart and soul. Because there are XNUMX keysMaster XNUMX scalesTo do.

If you continue to work according to the direction and level you want to go, you will definitely reach the goalAvailable


If you are amateur oriented, you don't have to hurry.Please practice according to the direction of your favorite music.Anyone who has a clear goal and keeps trying will surely reach it.Music is life work.


You can practice at your own pace.

It's important to have fun!

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