How to use your right hand

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The right hand is the one who plays the strings and is in charge of the rhythm.Give each note an expression with the strength and timbre of playing the strings against the pitch you press with your left hand.

The strength to play the strings

Based on the strength when you play lightly and the sound grows comfortably with a boonI will play it if I add strength and weakness.The standard is a strong level, and the weak level is weaker than the standard.will do so.Acquire the technique to play the weakest possible sound with the same grainThis widens the dynamic range.Gently carve notes so as not to stop the vibration in the open string stateStart with practice.

If you find it difficult to hear your own sound, turn up the volume of the amplifier to adjust it.Even if you play the strings strongly, the attack sound will only become stronger and the volume will hardly increase.

How to play the right hand

As a typical way to play with the right handFingering,Slap playing method,Pick playing method.


Play the strings using your index and middle fingers alternately.To move to the lower string, continue playing the string with the same finger.Practice so that you can get the same beat feeling whether you start playing with your index finger or middle finger.This is a more popular playing style.

Slap playing method

Play with a thumb pick and a pull with your index finger.Pulls often play octave higher notes for rhythmic accents.

Pick playing method

Swing the pick up and down to play.With a pick, you can get enough vibration of the strings and make a loud sound just by touching it lightly.Move the pick up and down smoothly, paying attention to the angle at which it hits the strings so that they do not get caught in the strings.


I wonder if I can play the most orthodox finger.


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