Db major 16 scale practice

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[Basic] Diatonic scale

Db major scaleIt is a scale with the same constituent notes but different start positions.

FeaturesCodesス ケ ー ル
1TDbM7Db Ionian
2SDEbm7Eb Dorian
3TFm7F Frisian
4SDGbM7Gb Lydian
5DAb7Ab Mixolydian
6TBBM7Bb Aeolian
7DCm7b5C Locrian
[Intermediate] Subdominant Minor Scale

Gb melodic minor scale1st mode and 6th mode.

FeaturesCodesス ケ ー ル
1SDmGbm M7Gb melodic minor
2SDmEbm7b5Eb Locrian # 2

(Usage Guide)
T: Tonic code
SD: Subdominant code
D: Dominant code
SDm: Subdominant minor chord

[Advanced] Altered Tension Dominant Scale

Ab Mixolydian scale scale with changed tension (Altered).

FeaturesCodesス ケ ー ル
1DAb7 (# 11)Ab Lydian 7 (Eb melodic minor XNUMXth mode
2DAb7 (b13)Ab Mixolydian b6 (Db melodic minor XNUMXth mode
3DAb7 (b9, # 9, # 11)Ab Combination of Diminished (CD # 3: F-Ab-BD
4DAb7 (# 11, b13)Ab hole tone (WT # 2: CDEF # -G # -A # G
5DAb7 (b9, b13)Ab Harmonic Minor P5 Below
6DAb7 (b9, # 9, b13)Ab Spanish 8 notes
7DAb7 (b9, # 9, # 11, b13)Ab Alterd (A Melodic Minor XNUMXth Mode
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