What is an electric bass?

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How is an electric bass different from an electric guitar?Since I made the wood bass electric, is it okay to play the same way as the wood bass?Or something that seems to be known but not surprisingly.Let's organize what kind of instrument it is before playing.

Comparison with similar instruments

Wood base
(Japan 4/4 size)
Electric bass
(Fender JAZZ BASS)
Electric guitar
(Fender Stratocaster)
Number of strings446
Chord length
(The thickness)
With or without fretsNoneThereThere
With or without pickupNoneThereThere
strapdo not useuseuse
Single note / chordSingle noteSingle noteChord

fretOr convert sound into an electrical signalPickupThe structure that there isstrapIt's similar to an electric guitar in that you play it sideways with a guitar,Range,Single musical instrumentIn that respect, it has something in common with the wood base.In terms of sizeLocated in the middle of being larger than an electric guitar and smaller than a wood bassTo do.You need a unique playing style to play the electric bass comfortably.It turns out.

"Electric Bass Lesson" is based on the classic contrabass fingering chartLeft hand position and fingering method that even people with small hands can comfortably doI'd like to introduce_______

Electric bass scale

In a general electric bassXNUMX semitone-spaced fretsI have.The sound differs depending on where you press it, so for example, on a 20-string XNUMX-fret bass, including open strings (which make a sound without pressing the frets)XNUMX different soundsCan be issued.Since there are overlapping scales in this (for example, the XNUMXth fret of the XNUMXth string and the opening of the XNUMXrd string are the same),The range of the electric bass is 1 scales from E4 to Eb6.(≒ XNUMX octaves).

The role of electric bass

The electric bass is in charge of the bass range of the band ensemble.Play a tune called the basslineTo do.A typical bassline is constructed so that the root notes are smoothly connected to each other as the chord progression of the song progresses.If the vocal melody is the outline above the song, the bassline is the outline below the song.thisChange the look of the song just by changing the baseline a little

For example,C major chordBy the way, I generally play the root note C, but insteadPlay the sound of ECode change to E minor chordSounds like you did.XNUMX beats on the drumThe baseline where you are carvingWhen you play with XNUMX beats, the whole glue feels like XNUMX beats JAZZY.Will be.increase.

このThe electric bass is in charge of the bass lineis.Electric bass may look sober when compared to vocals and guitar.Very important role in the band ensembleIs playing.


The electric bass is an unsung hero, isn't it?

What you need to practice electric bass

Shielded cables and amplifiers are what you need to get the actual soundis.Some people may not use an amplifier for electric bass home practice, but since it is difficult to hear their own sound, they tend to play the strings harder than necessary.Be sure to prepare an amplifier.At home practiceIf you can't make the actual sound, prepare headphonesIt would be better to do it.

effectorIs not essential because there are few scenes where you apply flashy effects like a guitar.For making sounds on electric bassCompressor / limiter,PreampIt is common to connect.Base-only multi-effects unitIn addition to the effects tuned for electric bass, there are also comps and preamps, so it is convenient to have one.When using an effectorBe sure to use it exclusively for the baseLet's use the one.The one for the guitar loses sound.Comps and preamps aren't required eitherPrepare as neededplease.

strapIs often neglectedA very important item for fixing the foam on the left handis.Choose a solid one that suits you best.The form on the left hand fits nicely, depending on the playing style.Once you have decided on the length of the strap, keep it and continue practicing your left hand position and fingering..

pickPlease prepare as needed.Since the strings of the electric bass are thick, it is common to use ones with a thickness of about 1 mm. HARD, .040, Heavy, etc. are displayed.There are teardrops and triangles in the shape, but choose the one that suits your playing style.

A metronome is a must.Being able to play exactly to the rhythm is the basis of all playing techniques.If you need chord progression accompanimentAccompaniment softwareLet's take advantage of.Some software can be used free of charge.

tunerVarious types of clip-type items are easy and convenient.Prepare something that can accurately measure the pitch of the bass.

When practicing or copying along with the recorded musicMusic playback devices and appsIs required.The sound of the electric bass is buried in other sounds and difficult to hear, so as much as possibleHigh quality soundLet's prepare.Pitch and tempo adjustmentIt is convenient when copying music if there is something that can be done.


The electric bassA unique instrument that is different from electric guitar and wood bass.Base lineI will be in charge of the important part that will be the basis of the song.Even beginners will be able to play a simple bass line immediately.However, in order to move on, it is necessary to acquire basic playing techniques suitable for electric bass.The road to mastering everything is endlessly difficult, but I will introduce it here.The left hand position and fingering method specialized for electric bass will lead you to the sanctuary where you can freely manipulate the bass line.I believe that.


It will be fun if you play the electric bass freely.
Let's do it anyway!


next is"How to learn"you know.

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